Who We Are

Grandparents for Democracy are grandparents, great-aunts & uncles, and fellow Baby Boomers.

We are Democrats, Republicans and Independents who believe that the Trump Administration and its enablers in Congress threaten our democracy, rule of law, diverse society, ethical standards, and the very planet we inhabit.

The mission of Grandparents for Democracy is to take back Congress from Trump’s enablers in the midterm elections this November. We are focusing our efforts on five House and two US Senate races:

Arizona: 2nd Congressional District (Tucson area) and US Senate seat

Nevada: 4th Congressional District (Las Vegas area) and US Senate seat

California: 25th and 39th Congressional Districts (L.A. area)

New York: 19th Congressional District (Hudson Valley)

If your last social action foray was a civil rights sit-in or a Vietnam War protest, WELCOME BACK!

What We Want

We’re looking for like-minded folks of our generation to help us organize volunteers for trips to our target swing districts to canvass door-to-door, man tables at malls, operate phone/text banks, get out the vote on Election Day, and otherwise assist. But you needn’t reside near a swing district, as G4D will also be organizing phone/text banks for volunteers to participate from home!

If you’d like more information about trips to nearby swing Districts or states near you, click HERE.

If you’re unable to travel but would like to help from your home, click HERE.

It’s time for our generation to mobilize one more time so that we don’t leave behind a country where a tiny group of people amass wealth by controlling our politics, devastating our environment, and ignoring the needs of the less fortunate.

Our Challenge

The House of Representatives

Each of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives is up for election this November.   In order to achieve a majority, Democrats must increase the number of seats they hold by 24.

According to Swingleft.org, 70 of the 435 House elections will be competitive.  These are the “Swing Districts” that will determine whether we can restore the rule of law and the viability of our democracy.

The Senate

You might not think it would be difficult for the Dems to pick up a mere two Senate seats. Unfortunately however, they face an historically unfavorable election map in November.   There are 26 Democratic Senate seats up for election and only 8 Republican seats.  Included among the 26 Democratic seats are 6 in which Trump won by more than 18 points.  So in the Senate, where Supreme Court justices and Cabinet members are confirmed, we face an uphill battle.

In January, CNN ranked the following as the ten most “flippable” Senate races. Notice that eight of them are currently held by Democrats:

  1. Arizona [open – seat of retiring Jeff Flake (R)]
  2. Nevada [Incumbent: Dean Heller (R)]
  3. Missouri [Claire McCaskill (D)]
  4. Indiana. [Joe Donnelly (D)]
  5. West Virginia. [Joe Manchin (D)]
  6. North Dakota [Heidi Heitkamp (D)]
  7. Florida [Bill Nelson (D)]
  8. Montana [John Tester (D)]
  9. Minnesota [Tina Smith (D)]
  10. Ohio [Sherrod Brown (D)]

Don’t Be Fooled by the Special Elections

Democratic wins in special elections this year have convinced some folks that an electoral “blue wave” in the midterm elections will easily flip control of the House to the Democrats and quite likely take a majority in the Senate as well.

Don’t believe it!

The extreme right wing has been very resourceful in undermining our representative democracy. Gerrymandered Congressional Districts, disinformation campaigns, evisceration of the voting rights act of 1965 and acceleration of voter suppression, unrelenting attacks on the press (“CNN is fake news!) and hundreds of millions in “dark money” subvert the very definition of democracy. Not to mention ongoing Russian interference that the leaders of our Intelligence community have assured us will continue into November, which is an especially potent threat to our democracy now that the Trump Administration has chosen to ignore it.

In most swing House elections, Democrats will face Republican incumbents, and incumbency remains a distinct advantage. Moreover, Democrats have not been able to sustain in higher-turnout elections the kind of high turnout seen in the recent special elections.

Maybe all that will change. But if “maybe” is not good enough for you, join Grandparents for Democracy and help us spread the word! It could be transformative nationally and on a personal level as well!

Who is my Congressman?

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What is a democracy?

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