Who We Are

Grandparents for Democracy are grandparents, great-aunts & uncles, fellow Baby Boomers… and anyone else concerned about our country’s continued existence as a functioning democracy.

We are Democrats, Republicans and Independents who believe that the Trump Administration and its enablers in Congress threaten our democracy, rule of law, diverse society, ethical standards, and the very planet we inhabit. We believe that today’s Republican Part cannot be counted upon to legislate in the interests of the American people or to protect our institutions.

As a result, the mission of Grandparents for Democracy is to preserve Democratic control of the House of Representatives, win the Senate and send the current administration to a resounding defeat in 2020. We will be focusing our 2020 efforts on several states that are likely to have close contests both for the presidency and for a U.S. Senate seat.

If your last social action foray was a civil rights sit-in or a Vietnam War protest (or even having to listen to your folks’ war stories about them), WELCOME BACK!

What We Want

We’re looking for like-minded folks of any age to help with voter registration in key states (yes, you can do it from home!), phone banks and postcard campaigns, and trips to a target swing state to register and canvass voters, help get out the vote, and otherwise assist.

It’s time for us all… and particularly for Baby Boomers who cut their teeth on civic involvement and protest … to mobilize lest we leave behind a nation where a tiny group continues to amass wealth and power by controlling our politics, devastating our environment, and ignoring the needs of the marginalized and less fortunate.

The extreme right wing has been extremely resourceful in undermining our democratic institutions. Gerrymandered Congressional Districts that our conservative Supreme Court has declined to overrule, renewed voter suppression after the Court’s evisceration of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, unrelenting attacks on the press, disinformation campaigns, encouragement of foreign election interference, and hundreds of millions in “dark money” combine to erode our democracy on a daily basis.

We need Democratic control of the Senate to again combat environmental degradation, address gun violence, repair our democratic institutions and restore trust and vibrancy to the principles of decency and equality.  Unfortunately, today’s Republican Party has demonstrated beyond any doubt that it has no interest in those issues. Rather, it has elevated fealty to a demagogue over protecting the American people. We owe it to those who come after us to fight for the country we can and should be.

Who is my Congressman?

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What is a democracy?

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