“We got a little hiccup here with the Kavanaugh nomination,” says Nevada’s Senator Dean Heller regarding Professor Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in the 1980’s.
We’ll get through this and we’ll get off to the races,” Heller assured Republican VIPs during a conference call on Wednesday sponsored by the Nevada Republican Party, according to the Nevada Independent.
Heller’s statement is instructive about more than just his tone-deaf approach to women’s issues. It also illuminates the fallacy voiced by some that ‘moderate Republicans” will somehow save us from the excesses of today’s Republican party.
Who are these “Republican moderates”?
Heller’s opposition to the Republican’s initial health care bill made some believe he was one. Then he co-sponsored another equally noxious revised version of the bill. Arizona’s Jeff Flake and Maine’s Susan Collins, reputed to be perhaps the most “moderate” Republican Senators, have both endorsed the attempts of the Senate Judiciary Committee to bully Professor Blasey Ford this week, into a premature appearance at a hearing next Monday.
No judge would require a litigant as unprepared as Blasey Ford is, to proceed to trial. The Republicans have refused her request for an FBI investigation into her allegations that would enable democratic members of the Committee to ask meaningful questions. As of this writing, Republicans have also refused Blasey Ford’s request to call witnesses. (This stonewalling is in addition to the Republicans’ refusal to allow access to hundreds of thousands of documents regarding Kavanaugh.)
And while the veteran jurist Kavanaugh receives daily preparation at the White House for next Monday’s hearing, Blasey Ford, who has no legal background, can’t even go home due to death threats against her.
Yet Collins and Flake (who sits on the Judiciary Committee) are okay with all of that.
So if you think “moderate Republicans” will at some point rein in the excesses of Trump and his GOP enablers, think again.
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