These are the words that occur to me as I watch the news accounts of this morning’s mass murder at a Pittsburgh synagogue, following a week of politically motivated pipe-bomb attacks.

Of course, It’s hard not to despair in a society riven with hatred. Fueled by the gun lobby, fossil fuel interests and plutocrats, the right wing is newly emboldened by a president who manipulates his followers’ worst instincts with tried and true authoritarian tactics. The Republican party has been appealing to these dark instincts for many years and has now outdone itself with its slavish devotion to Donald Trump. But at this political and cultural tipping point, I think we have to cling ever more tightly to right-minded action and compassion. Grandparents for Democracy sprung from apprehension about the country our grandchildren and all those who follow, will inherit. Viewed through that prism, despair is not an option.

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