Below is a template message TO SEND TO ARIZONA RESIDENTS to forward to Senator Jeff Flake regarding the Kavanaugh nomination. Ask them to copy and paste it BEFORE TOMORROW’S SENATE VOTE at:
If you’re not from Arizona, find someone who is… quickly!

Dear Senator Flake,
I agree with your statement that tribalism is tearing our country apart. Sadly, Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s partisan attacks and intemperate conduct last week embody exactly that tribalism. Equally disqualifying has been his lack of candor under oath. I need no “corroborating evidence” regarding these matters – I saw them with my own eyes during the Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing. Regardless of the result of the FBI investigation, I urge you in this historic moment, to vote against Judge Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court. Our children and grandchildren are depending on you.

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